Virtual Lab Session with Professors Stammers, Koranyi, Channing, & Waite

Virtual Lab Session with Professors Stammers, Koranyi, Channing, & Waite

The CNCSI Universities Committee created the Virtual Lab in order to host a space where invited academics may share theoretical and practical information, confront methodologies, as well as teaching and research practices connected with the long nineteenth-century. This dynamic conversation provides fellow colleagues and researchers with a more comprehensive overview of existing approaches to teaching methods and research interests, and, possibly, further innovative projects and exchanges across disciplines.


Virtual Lab Session 

Date: May 23, 2023


Invited Speakers


Dr. Thomas Stammers, Durham University, UK 




Dr. James Koranyi, Durham University, UK



Dr. Laura Channing, Durham University, UK



Dr. Kevin Waite, Durham University, UK



Invited Participants

Dr. Lynn Voskuil, University of Houston, USA

Dr. Daisuke Adachi, Hokaido University, Japan 

Dr. Vance Byrd, University of Pennsylvania, USA

Dr. Kate Oestrich, Coastal Carolina University, USA

Dr. Ray Hernández-Duran, University of New Mexico, USA

Dr. Antonia Perna, Durham University, UK



Dr. Marie-Laure Massei-Chamayou, University of Paris 1-Panthéon-Sorbonne, France                         

Dr. Verónica Uribe Hanabergh, Universidad de los Andes, Colombia


Image Credit: Maria Bashkirtseva, In the Studio (1881). Oil on canvas, 74 × 60.6 in. Dnipro State Art Museum. Photograph from Wikipedia.

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